Presentations of the 16th Dr. TB Rajashekar Memorial Seminar (2020): Emerging Trends and Technologies for Information Services are avaiable here

The presentations made at seminar are available here.

Title (with link to Presentation)Resource Person(s)
“Read and Publish” and Other Open Access Trends: Observations and InsightsDr. Ananda Byrappa,
Head, Office of Data & Librarian, IISc Library, IISc, Bangalore
Off-campus Access Technologies to Library ResourcesDr. Shivaram BS,
Senior Technical Officer, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.
SERU – Shared E-Resource UnderstandingDr. Rajendra Babu H,
Assistant Professor Tumkur University, Tumakuru
Folio: Open Source Library PlatformDr. Francis Jayakath,
Scientific Officer, IISc Library Bangalore
Creating strategic roadmap, prototyping, creating a minimum viable productMrs. Lakshmi VK,
Digital Portfolio Advisor, Shell India

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