9th Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar (2013) on Digital Information Services in Academic and R&D Information Centers

It is a great pleasure to share with all of you that NCSI-Net Foundation successfully organized Dr. T B Rajashekar 9th Memorial Seminar (2013): Digital Information Services in Academic and R&D Information Centers on Saturday 23rd November 2013 at APC (Erstwhile NCSI) Seminar hall, IISc, Bangalore. The response for the seminar by the students and the budding LIS professionals was overwhelming. We had about 55 registrations of which most of them were students and young professionals from various universities and organizations in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Seminar started with a brief introduction about NCSI-Net Foundation by Dr Francis Jayakanth. He gave a brief overview about NCSI, its history and services offered by NCSI, which were unique at that time. He also spoke about NCSI-Net Alumni Association, NCSI-Net foundation and Dr. T. B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar Series. He also highlighted late Dr. TBR’s passion towards teaching and educating young professionals about the latest developments in the field of ICT and their applications in providing information services and after his demise, NCSI-Net took responsibility of fulfilling his dream by introducing this seminar series.

The first session by Dr. IRN Goudar was on “E-Resources Management for Academic Research”, where he spoke about various searching models including Federated Search and Discovery Services and he compared both of them. He shared University of Mysore experience in Boosting E-resource Usage. Later, his emphasis was on usefulness of Subject Gateways and he demonstrated couple of them for the benefit of participants.

Next, Mr Pradeep Kavi gave an overview of “Library Consortiums”. He discussed various consortia models like Open Consortia, Closed Group Consortia, Centrally Funded, and Shared Budget Model and gave examples for each of them. Later, Mr T A Mohan spoke about “Library Services and AICTE Requirements in an Engineering College Library: A Case Study of Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur”. He gave the details about AICTE requirements for Library Carpet Area and Books/Journals Requirement for different types of colleges, courses and number of students in each course.
Next session entitled “Digital Archiving @ R&D Information Centers” was delivered by Mr BS Shivaram, where he covered Archiving Process, Tools and Policies and shown a demo of the system.

After lunch, session started with Mr Satya Ranjan Sahu presenting “R&D Information Centers: The Change Over”, where he emphasized that Libraries need to change to Information Centers. The talk focus was on how to enhance Organization’s and Scientist’s Image using Scientometrics.

Next session was presented by Mr Madhuresh Singhal on “Web 2.0 for Library Professionals”, where he told that what is needed to become Librarian 2.0 and why web 2.0 knowledge is required for Library professionals. He covered Blogs, Social Bookmarking, RSS and Wikis and gave a demo on how to create a Blog as well as how RSS can be used to know latest TOC of any journal.

Next, Mr T S Prasanna spoke about Communication Skills, where he focused on Introducing yourself, Presentation Skills and how to prepare for an Elevator Pitch. At the end, Mr Anand Byrappa gave career advice. He talked about How to get your Dream Job and 3 Success Traits for a Career. He stressed that Passion not highest degree from a reputed University is required for a successful career.

Mr Rajendra Babu gave a summary of whole day and proposed Vote of Thanks. NCSI-Net Foundation is thankful to all participants, speakers of the day and all NCSI-Net members for the support extended in making this a successful seminar.

The presentations made at seminar are available here.

TitleResource Person (s)PPT/Files
E-Resources Management for Academic ResearchDr. IRN GoudarE_Resources_2013.pdf
Library ConsortiumsPradeep.P.KaviLibrary_Consortium_2013.pdf
Digital Archiving @ R&D Information CentersShivaram B SDigital_Archiving_2013.pdf
Web 2.0 for Library ProfessionalsMadhuresh Singhal &
Maruthu Pandiyan
R & D Information Centres: The Change Over…Satya Ranjan SahuR&D_Change_over_2013.pdf
Getting ready for a change…..Prasanna, T SCommunicationskills_TSP_2013.pdf
Career Advice - How to make it BIG!Anand ByrappaCareer_Advice_2013.pdf