4th Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar on Content Management (8th November, 2008)

The Fourth in the series of Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar titled, Content Management - 2008, was held on Saturday, 8th November, 2008.

The main themes of the seminar were: Introduction to Content Management System & Installation & Demo of Drupal.

Among the 61 participants of the Seminar there were students and working professionals.

Morning Session

The Seminar started with Prof. A.G. Menon, Prof. Giridhar Madras & Prof. N.V. Joshi lighting the lamp, and Prof. Joshi introduced the TB Rajashekar Memorial Seminar. Later the Keynote address by Mr. Kottai, A., KM/ECM Services, TCS followed by High Tea.

First Session started with the topic Introduction to Content Management (CM) presented by Mr. Rajendra Babu. He stressed on the need of Content Management System for Content creation, capturing, publishing, organizing, storage & retrieval, preservation. He also explained the Enterprise Content Management & the related components & the Features of CMS. It was followed by Evaluation of Major Commercial/Open Source CMS by Mr. Sudhakar Gudlannagari. He presented the evaluation criteria for selecting a CMS, also major Commercial/Open source CMS tools. LaTer in the forenoon session we had CMS Process, Design & Implementation presented by Mr. Arumugam Pitchai. He explained about the CMS process & its workflow. Followed by Management of CMS: Migration, Metrics and Measurement & Promotion by Ms. Suvarsh Minj. She stressed the options & strategies for Content Migration also need for Metrics and Measurements for the usage of different CMS tools.

Afternoon Session

The second session started with a presentation by Mr. B.S. Shivaram on Drupal: An Overview & Installation. He explained the different features of Drupal. Followed by the Drupal: Installation & Demo by Mr. Maruthu Pandiyan B. He gave an overview of installation Drupal on Windows platform and demonstrated various modules and features of Drupal.

Evening Session

Third session started with the panel discussion titled Skills for LIS Professionals. Mr. Ananda Byrappa, Ms. Lakshmi and Mr. T.S. Prasanna Participated in the discussion. All of them gave their individual opinions in answering the questions putforth by the participants.

The seminar materials and presentations were distributed through CD.

The presentations made at seminar are available here.

TitleResource Person(s)PPT/File
Introduction to Content Management (CM)Rajendra Babu HIntroduction_to_CM_2008.pdf
Evaluation of Major Commercial/Open Source CMSSudhakar GudlannagariCMS_Evaluation_2008.pdf
CMS Process, Design & ImplementationArumugam PitchaiCMS_Process_Design_2008.pdf
Management of CMS: Migration, Metrics, Measurement & PromotionSuvarsha MinjManagement_of_CMS_2008.pdf
Drupal: An Overview & InstallationShivaram, B SDrupal_installation_2008.pdf
Drupal: Features & Demo Maruthu Pandiyan B.Drupal_Features_2008.pdf
Panel Discussion: Skills for the LIS professionalsAnanda Byrappa, Lakshmi, Prasanna T SCareer_guidance_2008.pdf