10th Dr. T. B. Rajashekar Memorial Lecture : Marketing of Library and Information Services Using Social Media

Topic: Marketing of Library and Information Services Using Social Media

Speaker: Dr. Ramesha, Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Science, Bangalore University, Bangalore – 560 056

Venue: Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS), 702, ‘Upstairs’, 42nd Cross, III Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010

Date & Time: 26/06/2021 at 6 PM


Libraries develop variety of products and services to serve various user needs and to satisfy their ever growing requirements. Marketing and outreach programmes are essential to make the users aware about the products and services. In this present age of internet, libraries are having tough competition from the other channels of information providers. Using different marketing tools and techniques libraries used to enhance their visibility and increase the use of library resources and services.Word of mouth being most prominently used technique; the libraries have also used display panels, posters, exhibits, bulletins, banners etc in good old days.

The presentation objectives and research questions are as follows:

a. To present the positive use of various social media to promote our library products and services within and outside the organizations and educational institutions
b. Social Media Marketing? What and Why
c. Effective use of social media such as Facebook, Google+, twitter,pinterest, YouTube etc.,
d. Social media tools will improve the image of the LIS services?