• Dr. Vasumathi Sriganesh, 2nd T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Lecture

NCSI-NET Foundation

The NCSI-Net Foundation is a charitable trust established by the trainees and staff of the erstwhile National Center for Science Information (NCSI), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India.  Its forerunner, NCSI-Net Association was formed as an informal association in 2000 to further the professional interests of its members through monthly meetings, invited talks, journal club, and E-mail based discussion forum. In June 2013, NCSI-Net Association was registered as a charitable trust and is now known as NCSI-Net Foundation.

While NCSI-Net as an informal association helped its members in their professional development,  as a registered charitable trust, it aims to extend and expand its activities by conducting and partnering in the professional activities in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS). This is has become possible because, over the years, NCSI-Net members have evolved themselves into thorough professionals. Their rich experience and expertise are being effectively utilized for the professional development of fellow LIS professionals.

The regular activities that the NCSI-Net Foundation is engaged in are Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Lecture, usually held in the month of June, every year,  and the Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar, usually held in the month of November/December, every year.  Recently, the foundation collaborated with Library and Information Science Academy in conducting a series of webinar-based lectures during May-June 2020.