NCSI-Net Foundation

About NCSI-Net Foundation:

While NCSI-Net as an Association sought to uplift its members professionally, the foundation as a trust seeks to benefit the society through the profession of Library and Information Science. Having members who have over the years developed matured expertise in various areas, the foundation looks to use these where there is a felt need. 

Towards this goal, two regular activities of the foundation are the Dr. TBR Memorial Lecture and the Dr. TBR Memorial Seminar. NCSI-Net also takes up projects in the areas of expertise and conducts training programs and workshops customized to need.   

About NCSI-Net:

NCSI-Net was created as an association of staff and alumni of NCSI and aimed at professional development of its members which comprised of former and current students of the NCSI's training program as well as the staff of NCSI. They held monthly talks, workshops and sharing sessions for the benefit the members.