12th Dr. TB Rajashekar Memorial Seminar (2016): Infographics and its relevance for LIS Professionals

12th Dr. TB Rajashekar Memorial Seminar (2016):  Infographics and its relevance for LIS Professionals 

December 10, 2020 (Second Saturday)

Venue: Choksi Hall, Indian Institute of Science (IISc),

Bangalore - 560012

About the Seminar Theme:

An infographic is a visual representation of information used to convey complex data or knowledge quickly. Infographics usually contain illustrations, some short written explanations, and data visualizations such as charts or graphs. Creating infographics helps a library market its services: infographics are not only eye-catching but also require librarians to think strategically about what information and detail to communicate. Infographics are a way for libraries to change the perspective and show everyone they are an up-to-date. Libraries use infographics mainly for Advocacy & Marketing, Usage Statistics, Collection Development, Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual), Creating visibility to librarian etc

Objective of the Seminar:

To demonstrate the basic and essential features, tools related to infographics and its applications in the various aspects of LIS domain. At the end of the seminar, the participants should have a clear understanding of Infographics and its potentialities.

Resource Persons:

NCSI-Net members who have practical experience in using infographics for various types of reporting will serve as resource persons

Who should attend the Seminar?

LIS Students and fellow professionals interested in generating different type reports, Research scholars who are in need of research data representation in their theses

Registration Fee:

  • Rs. 300 for Students (Should carry ID Card) and Rs. 600 for working professionals, for NCSI-Net members Rs. 250. Fee covers Seminar kit, working lunch and tea / coffee.
  • Please do note that no arrangements for accommodation are being made for outstation participants.
  • Please contact Dr. Francis Jayakanth for registration  [email protected]

Seminar Topics:

  • Overview of Infographics

  • High Tea

  • Web based Infographic tools

  • Application of Infographics in Libraries

  • Infographics for Corporate and Market research reports

  • Lunch

  • Infographics for LIS Researchers

  • Local Infographic tools

  • Coffee / Tea

  • Career Advice

Kindly bring this to the attention of the LIS students and budding professionals and encourage them to attend the seminar. Participants will get an opportunity to interact with fellow professionals working in the industry and academia.

For Further details:

Please contact  Dr. Francis Jayakanth for further details [email protected]

NOTE: Interested participants/researchers can send their data/research data in advance, Resource persons will try to use same data for case studies and generate related Infographics.