Past Seminars

Seminars in the past Years

Dr. T.B. Rajashekar Memorial Seminar series was started in the year 2005. To date, 8 seminars have been organized. Some of seminar topics include:

  • Emerging ICT Skills for the Information Professionals (2007),
  • Content Management (2008),
  • Building Institutional Repositories Using DSpace (2009),
  • Web 2.0 technologies for Library Services (2010),
  • Designing Web Portals, Gateway Services Using Drupal (2011) and
  • Designing Web Portal / Gateway Services Using WordPress (2012).

Judging by the positive feedbacks from the participants, all the seminars have been very successful. This has motivated NCSI-Net to make the seminar an annual event for the benefit of LIS students and budding professionals. For more details including the feedback of the previous seminars, please visit,